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  • Join me at the start line for any of my 2014 community sporting events and then let’s celebrate our achievements together
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If there’s something I’m most excited about, this is it!

For most of my swimming career I raced alone, however what I loved most, and still crave to this day, is the team camaraderie that existed as part of the Australian Swimming Team.

I loved training with Thorpie, Klimmy & Grant, and more so turning up on race day and watching them win. I certainly know being part of a team spurred me on to perform at my best.


Team Skip is all about re-creating this atmosphere for YOU!

Early 2014 I am going to post 12 community events around the country – like the iconic Sydney City to Surf or the Rottnest Ocean swim in WA and I’m going to ask you to join CLUB SKIP so we can all do it together!

So here’s how it works!

  • I’ve had my expert friends and trainers design graded programs to get you to the start line and compete at your best.
  • I’ve designed all our swimming programs – I’d like to think I’m fairly confident in the pool!
  • But here’s the best bit – we’re doing it together – YEP, I’ll be joining you as we toe the start line together, race together, finish the event and catch up after each event for a CLUB SKIP celebratory party.


I’m already looking forward to Manly Beach’s Cole Classic Ocean swim. However, I am feeling like a big “fish out of water” when it comes to even contemplating Adelaide’s Half marathon in August 2014!!

Melbourne’s Around the Bay in a day Bike classic – guess what – Club Skip is coming. Yep, I will be riding a bike. My trainers have convinced me they have the perfect program for me to be able to complete the 200km event. Boy, am I going to need some drafting help!

So there you have it, 2014 is going to be a great year to join CLUB SKIP, what event would entice you?


9 WEEK EVENT PROGRAMS – all programs will be graded into 3 levels

Swimming programs

  1. Swim correction program
  2. Ocean swim – 1, 2 & 4km swim sets

Running programs

  1. Couch to 5kms
  2. 14kms
  3. 21kms
  4. 42kms

Multi Sport programs

  1. Short distance triathlon program

Cycling Programs

  1. Stationary strength sessions
  2. Stationary speed sessions

In addition to my Event program’s

Skip Huegill’s Postural Strengthening Workouts

  1. You and the earth
  2. Basic weights
  3. Gym